Implementation of stem-cell technology
    New members joined with us
    Our delegation visited Chinese IP firms
    The number of PCT applications on the home basis increases

  The Taedonggang Patent & Trademark Law Office (TPTL) was founded as the professional IP agency authorized by State Council of Democratic People's Republic of Korea on June 21, Juche 83(1994) and since then, we have been providing the legal services to the domestic and foreign clients in respect of protecting their intellectual property rights.

  The TPTL, as one of the first three IP agencies established in DPR Korea, has rich experiences and practical ability and is expanding rapidly into the most vibrant intellectual property agency in DPR Korea.

  The TPTL consists of attorneys, counsels and consultants with professional knowledge and skills of intellectual property laws and various technologies including physics, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, electronics, information engineering, machinery and automatic control system, etc. Adhering to the principles of offering high quality services with efficiency, enthusiasm, sincerity and responsiveness to clients, the TPTL mainly files applications for the protection of intellectual property including patent, industrial design, utility model, trademark and copyright before the Patent, Trademark and Copyright Offices, DPR Korea on behalf of both home and abroad clients.

   We hope to build the close business relation with our colleagues over the world and will always do our best to provide better service for our clients in all aspects of IP matters.

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